Corporate Event Catering - 5 Tips for Getting it Right


It goes without saying that the quality of catering can make or break an event. Guests can thoroughly enjoy your choice of venue and entertainment, but if the food at an event disappoints then people always seem to remember it!

With this in mind we want to ensure you are completely prepared and armed with the basic considerations of what you will need to ensure the catering aspect of the event is a success. So here are our top five tips:


Seasonal menus

Always look for a caterer that uses seasonal ingredients and commits to producing a seasonal menu. This is hugely important for food quality and freshness and also the choices will seamlessly work with what the guests are expecting.


Know your audience

Take time to consider what food suits your guests at the event, and what that says about your brand and organisation. Well presented canapés may work well when you are entertaining high value customers at a product launch, while heartier bowl foods may work better for a staff Christmas party where guests might in that scenario prefer substance.


Eye for detail

Keep in mind the extra touches you can provide through event catering. This may include a particular design or colour of plates and cutlery, the aesthetics of food station equipment, or simply matching linen to the floristry of the event. One interesting feature Dish provides is video trays, allowing canapés to be served on a surface that shows colour and moving imagery, a perfect opportunity for immersive branding and to engage with guests!


It's all in the timing

If guests are arriving at an evening event straight from work they are likely to be hungry upon arrival, while dinner will not be served until later in the evening. On such an occasion it is important that you have a canapé selection for guests at the beginning of the evening. In contrast, if a conference begins in the late morning it could be perfectly acceptable for attendees to wait until lunch before eating. Always take the needs of your guests into consideration when planning the logistics of your event catering.


The Theme Dilemma

Event themes are a fantastic way to keep guests excited about the occasion and are a wonderful engagement tool. However, always avoid letting a theme affect the quality and presentation of food. The food should compliment and be gently guided by the theme but not necessarily be entirely dictated by it. Failing to keep an eye on this can have a significant impact on food quality, service efficiency, and can also drive up costs. Your Event Manager should be able to assist you on where to find the right balance in this respect.


The team at Dish has decades of experience catering for events of every type and size, and are always on hand to give you the help you need when putting your event together. Please contact us at to request a proposal or find out more about the team!