Friday Night in the London Dungeons


It was a dark and stormy night when I visited the London Dungeon Lates.  I have heard a lot about catering at the London Dungeons while interning at Food by Dish, so I jumped at the chance to experience this terrifying event for myself.  I started off in the Victorian Gin Palace Bar, where guests were served a delicious lemonade and gin cocktail.  The bar maid warned us to be on the lookout for the crazy Mrs. Lovett, who was rumoured to be working with the infamous Sweeney Todd. 

The first stop was the basement where Guy Fawkes was captured.  Although he had been recently beheaded, that didn’t stop him from telling us the real story of what happened that night.  The unlit fuse and barrels of gunpowder in front of us made me nervous, but Fawkes assured us that the fuse was too wet to work properly.

Next, we visited the torturer, who was only too happy to demonstrate how each of his tools works.  This is when I discovered that at the London Dungeons, audience participation is mandatory!  We left the torture chamber with all limbs intact and ended up in London during the black plague.  Avoiding sneezing Londoners and rats, we made our way to the doctor’s office to make sure we hadn’t been infected.  Unfortunately the doctor had contracted the plague himself, but his assistant was willing to show us how the doctor’s organs had been affected by the disease.

I was feeling a little hungry by this point.  Luckily, we went to a bakery next.  We were all offered free meat pies by Mrs. Lovett, who said she used a very special recipe to make them for us.  Her sister was kind enough to offer us all free haircuts.  While we were waiting for the barber the lights shut off, and we listened in terror while Sweeney Todd wandered around the room, looking for his next victim. 

We escaped into the London streets once more, but shortly found out that Jack the Ripper was on the loose!  We ran into a maze of mirrors but eventually found our way into a non-descript bar.  The bar maid told us that Jack the Ripper may have been a guest there, and that this was the anniversary of his last killing.  We sipped on another cocktail while we waited for the storm outside to subside.  The lights started flickering and Jack appeared about ten feet away from me.  I screamed and pressed back against the wall.  A few seconds later, the lights turned back on and he was gone.

The courtroom was the next destination and everyone was found guilty!  We walked to the Newgate Gallows and prepared for our hanging.  The crowd cheered and we dropped into the darkness. 

I loved the London Dungeons and I thought the actors were brilliant!  I was immediately immersed in the story and was able to enjoy a more “adult” experience than I would have during the day.  Even better, I was able to learn more about London history while living it and being scared out of my wits!


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