Healthy catering options can make the difference at a conference
Healthy catering options can make the difference at a conference

Healthy Catering for your Next Conference


We're seeing an increasing awareness of the need for healthier catering options at corporate events that centre around conferences and meetings. Dish are passionate about this subject and our Head Chef, Magnus Karlsson, has appeared in various publications giving his take on this. With a degree in Nutrition it's safe to say he knows his stuff!

At conferences and meetings the organiser's primary goal is for delegates to gain as much value from the event as possible. Due to the professional nature of the occasion, maximum value means they require high levels of energy and concentration to stay engaged with the content of the day.

This ability to perform is compromised by the food that is often served at conferences and meetings. You know the utterly delicious snacks we're talking about - croissants and Danish pastries washed down with coffee. The issue with this however is that the spikes in sugar and caffeine levels result in the inevitable lull in energy that follows.

To avoid this, offering alternative (or additional) snacking options can include a selection of nuts, seeds and fruit that offer more a sustainable energy release which will keep delegates more alert throughout the day.

Lunch of course needs to give attendees a little more substance, but you still don't want them only eating a heavy meal which will again make them feel depleted in the hours following their break. To counter this we have developed our Superfood menu which focuses as much on taste as nutritional value! You can see a few of our superfood items below.


- Grilled tamarind glazed chicken breast with mango relish
- Steamed spinach rolled plaice fillets with avocado salsa verde
- Mexican sweet potato, black bean and grilled pineapple ragu (v)
- Kale, beet and quinoa salad with miso and honey dressing


If you are organising a meeting or conference in the coming months and would like to get in touch you can reach us at or call us on 0208 269 0398.