Merlin take on Mrs Lovett


To celebrate the launch of Christmas Dinners at the brand new London Dungeon, The Merlin Events team couldn’t help but get their very own Mrs Lovett involved in adding a little Christmas sparkle.

See Emma Greenfield's experience of Mrs Lovett below:

Mrs Lovett makes the best pies in London however she was after a bit of Christmas inspiration to pass on to you motley lot!  So she invited London caterer Food by Dish into her pie shop to help her create the ultimate three bird roast which you could cook this Christmas!

What are you waiting for? Grab a cuppa and click HERE to get watching and don’t worry about a pen and paper, we’ve got it all written down for you below.

Mrs Lovett’s three bird roast - What do you need?

1 x turkey

1 x black legged chicken

1 x guinea fowl

1 kg sausage meat

200g thyme

200g sage

6 x eggs

Salt and pepper

How do you do it?

1) De-bone the birds, 1st the turkey, make a long cut down the back bone of the bird, then slowly run your knife each side of the rib cage keeping as close to the bone as possible. Keep butterflying until you meet in the middle of the breast on the other side. For the legs, again cut down the whole length of the leg and butterfly around until you meet in the middle and simply remove the bone.  Mice the legs of the turkey only and mix with the sausage meat.

2) Repeat this method with both the chicken and guinea fowl.

3) To make the stuffing mix, mix the sausage meat, minced turkey legs, eggs, herbs and seasoning.
4) Open the turkey as wide as possible, lay down the stuffing mix spreading it evenly, place on top the chicken, season, then the guinea fowl and season once more, using your hands bring the two side of the turkey together until its closed up.

5) Using butchers string measure out 3 meters. On one side make a hangman’s noose and tie it around one end of the turkey making sure it’s tight so it will not slip. Pass the remaining string under the turkey and leaving about a 1 inch gap from the first knot and loop the string, repeat this all the way down the turkey ensuring every loop is tight, the last loop is then tied with a simple double knot.

6) Rub the turkey with olive oil and season before putting it in the oven for 3-4 hours at 160oc (baste heavily as many times as possible or at least every hour)   

7) Once out of the oven, carve and enjoy!

This  was written by Emma Greenfield, Marketing and Events Manager of Merlin Events London